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Octopus Online Payment 

1. 建立訂單時選用「八達通」App付款, 點擊"前往結帳" ,在下一頁填寫收貨資料後點擊"提交訂單"

    Place order and select “Octopus” payment


2. 系統自動跳轉至「八達通」App付款頁面

    System will be redirected to Octopus App for payment

**如使用消費劵, 請選以「八達通」作為付款方式

**If consumption voucher is to be used, please select Octopus Card” for payment


3. 按照 App 內指示拍卡(請確保NFC已啟動)

    Place your octopus card at the back of your NFC device until the payment receipt is shown


4. 交易完成

   Payment Done